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The Greater London Co-ordinating Committee (GLCoord) consists of the three union branches of the Communications and Digital (C&D) Sector in Prospect which serve members in the Greater London area. We represent members working in companies who do not have recognition agreements with Prospect as well as members actively seeking work even if not currently employed.  You can join Prospect on line via thier website. If you wish to find out more you can contact any Branch Principal Officer via thier email address.

Benefits of being Registered -- Across this whole website some articles are only available to registered users, if you are member of the union register if not apply to join and then register - you know it makes sense.


Any member of Prospect is welcome to register to use this site. We will attempt to verify your membership and correspond with you if we have any difficulty doing so. If you are a member of a branch other than those that make up the Greater London Co-ord Committee it may take me a little longer to verify your status.

You are welcome to and encouraged to contribute to this site and rather than have pages of legalise carefully defining terms & conditions, as is common on many websites and which are seldom read, here are just a few simple rules.

We ask that you recognise that any contribution that you make is public and that you respect other users of the site. We ask that you are not offensive and that you do not use offensive or sexist/discriminatory language, nor should you promote such causes that the union may consider offensive or inappropriate.

Whilst much of what the union does to protect the interest of its members has, by necessity, to be carried out in the political arena the union is non-party political. For the purposes of this website we interpret non-party political to mean that the union does not give its support to any political party neither does it campaign for or against any political party. The government of this country is normally drawn from one political party or another. This means that in campaigning on a particular issue or against a particular policy of the government, inevitably party political policies become inextricable part of the arguments. However we believe there is a clear distinction between campaigning for or against a particular government policy and campaigning for or against a political party.

We had hoped to adopt a very light touch in ensuring that the comments on this website complied with the policy outlined and just rely on someone bringing to my attention dubious comments. However, as a result of experience and of individuals trying to hijack the discussion for party political ends we have instituted a system whereby we have to approve comments before they are published. We are sorry for this and it does cause us extra, unwanted work. We will review this policy from time to time.

We reserve the right to decline to publish or to remove any comments and/or users that do not follow these simple rules.

The views expressed on this website are not necessarily those of Prospect the union, the Communications and Digital sector of Prospect, the Greater London Coordination Committee or any of the branches that make up the GLCC.

Personal Data

The only personal data we hold on you is that given when you register for an account. That data is held securely on the site and used for ensuring access to the private areas of this site are legitimate. We may also, from time to time send email to your registered email address to inform you about the site and any changes. We do not and will not use that data for any other purpose.

If you cannot accept any of the above terms and conditions either do not register for an account or if you have already registered please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will delete your account and all of the data associated with it. Administrators
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January 2018