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The Greater London Co-ordinating Committee (GLCoord) consists of the three union branches of the Communications and Digital (C&D) Sector in Prospect which serve members in the Greater London area. We represent members working in companies who do not have recognition agreements with Prospect as well as members actively seeking work even if not currently employed.  You can join Prospect on line via thier website. If you wish to find out more you can contact any Branch Principal Officer via thier email address.

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Mike Clancy, Prospect general Secretary writes:,

Since the start of this pandemic, the plight of self-employed and freelance workers has been one of the top priorities for Prospect.

We successfully campaigned for the introduction of the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme and won some important changes to government policy, such as the delay to the self-assessment tax bill.

But we know that it has still been an incredibly tough time to be self-employed and that the government has not done enough to help.

With news that the Chancellor is still thinking about raising taxes for the self-employed in the next Budget, it is clear that the government still just doesn’t get it and is potentially making policy without understanding the consequences.

We need action, which is why Prospect is today launching a new Inquiry into the Future of Self-Employment, which is the first step in the next phase of our campaign for freelancers and the self-employed.

This inquiry brings together unions, politicians, policy experts and more to find solutions to the big challenges we face, like how to provide a proper safety net for the self-employed, how to make sure government understands self-employment, and how to make sure the benefits that self-employed people receive are fair compared to their taxes.

The first stage of the inquiry is a survey of self-employed and freelance workers and I would urge you to complete the survey and share it as widely as possible among your networks.

The more evidence we have - the stronger our voice will be.

You can find out more information about the aims of the inquiry and who is involved here. The full terms of reference for the inquiry can also be downloaded here.

We need change in our economy so that it works for all workers - I hope this inquiry will make an important contribution.

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