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The Greater London Co-ordinating Committee (GLCoord) consists of the three union branches of the Communications and Digital (C&D) Sector in Prospect which serve members in the Greater London area. We represent members working in companies who do not have recognition agreements with Prospect as well as members actively seeking work even if not currently employed.  You can join Prospect on line via thier website. If you wish to find out more you can contact any Branch Principal Officer via thier email address.

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 Prospect Bulletin

The COVID-19 crisis continues to cast a dark shadow over the UK economy and, unfortunately, job security might be a big issue for some of our members at the moment. These are difficult times but, if you're worried about or are affected by redundancy, we are here to support you.

October’s ONS labour market overview paints a sorry picture of rising unemployment and shows that redundancy levels are at their highest since 2009.

Some Prospect branches are already going through a redundancy process, most recently for example at the Museum of London and the National Trust, and, sadly, more are likely to follow in the coming months.

As a union we will always speak up for our members' jobs, and work to minimise the number of redundancies as far as possible.

While there is no sugar-coating the fact that being made redundant is often a traumatic and stressful experience, it is also a time when you can appreciate the real value of being in a trade union.

You're not alone. Here’s how Prospect can help

Prospect helps members and branches going through redundancy to achieve positive outcomes – whether that is supporting your mental well-being, engaging with your employer about alternative solutions or, ultimately, by protecting jobs.

Prospect’s experienced full-time officers will support individuals and branches through the process – organising meetings, negotiating with management and seeking the best solutions for as many people as possible.

They can advise you on the key questions around redundancy:

  • What does a formal redundancy situation involve?
  • What are your rights?
  • Is your employer meeting their statutory obligations?

In addition, we have expert legal officers to provide more detailed legal advice and who can advise on running tribunal claims where necessary. See the Employment Law Q&A: Redundancy

In a special section on our website, we have answered some key questions around redundancy.

Our Members’ Guide to Redundancy can also be downloaded from the Prospect Library (login required. First time users can register here).

“We did a good thing and members said they were grateful”
Three new Prospect reps at the Building Research Establishment branch share their experiences of getting involved and helping out during a recent redundancy consultation.

Help to shape the future of self-employmentself-employmentself-employment
 The plight of the self-employed and freelance workers has been one of Prospect's top priorities since the start of the pandemic.

 That is why we have helped to launch a new inquiry into the future of self-employment. Members can take part by completing our survey.

It is only because of the strength of our membership that Prospect is able to be an influential voice across government, in industry and to employers.

Recruit a new Prospect member and get a £10 voucher

covid19Prospect has a dedicated COVID-19 hub that brings together all our advice, information and resources.

  • Health and safety
  • Self-employment Income Support Scheme
  • Furlough and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
  • Pensions
  • Rights at work
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Reform to the retail prices index methodology

Submission by Prospect to HM Treasury & UKSA

July 2020


Prospect is the trade union representing skilled professionals and technicians in the public and private sectors. Our members have been engaged with the discussions on changes to the RPI methodology over the last decade. Our members have an active interest in the future of this particular index. RPI is still used as the uprating index for many defined benefit pension schemes and also wage negotiations. There is concern that the proposed change will have a detrimental impact on member incomes. Our response will outline our concerns and suggest how we think ONS should approach changes to the RPI methodology.

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Rights under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations apply to the broader category of worker, rather than just employees, an employment tribunal has ruled.

This is the first time that it has been accepted that the regulations apply to the wider group of workers – including freelancers, contractors, interns and others on atypical working arrangements.

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1676 FeatureProspect vice president Ele Wade said technology has been changing the world of work for centuries and this has created challenges and opportunities for workers. “The challenge for our time is how we handle the use of data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning,” she said. She pointed to a growing awareness of bias becoming embedded in algorithms. New tech could be used to monitor workers or replace them; or it could be used to make work safer and more interesting as artificial intelligence takes on monotonous tasks. Prospect is already seeing the impact of this technology in areas as diverse as nuclear decommissioning and climate science. Wade argued that it is our job as trade unionists to put workers in the driving seat of this change, including by helping to develop tech workers’ collective voice such as those in the recent Google walkouts. A recent poll by Prospect found that 58% of workers felt they have no say in the implementation of new tech at work. Ele concluded by saying that although this seems like “daunting new territory”, unions have the experience to improve the working lives of these workers.

The full text of the motion from Prospect and the amendments by Community & FDA follows:

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Why you are better off with Prospect... -  A special update from Prospect Legal - PDF available here.

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